• Beryllium Oxide powder 99%, 99.9%
Beryllium Oxide powder 99%, 99.9%

Beryllium Oxide powder 99%, 99.9%

  • Type: powder
  • Color: white
  • Molecular formula: BeO
  • packing in drum
  • Product description: supply Beryllium Oxide Powder 99%, 99.9%

DL Industry Group Limited is famous supplier, exporter and manufacturer of beryllium relevant products since 2018. We have good relationship with Chinese local customers such as China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Shenyang Metal Bureau, some confidentiality agency cannot list here, meanwhile we export directly or indirectly to Korea, Russia, Japan, etc.

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We can supply Beryllium Oxide powder 99%, 99.9%

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Beryllium oxide is an important inorganic compound with a wide range of uses:
1. Application in ceramic industry
Beryllium oxide is an important raw material for preparing high-temperature ceramics. It has excellent high temperature resistance and chemical stability and can be used to prepare refractory bricks, refractory coatings and high temperature resistant ceramic materials. These ceramic materials have good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance in high temperature environments, and are widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical and other industries.
2. Application in electronics industry
Beryllium oxide is an important electronic ceramic material with good insulation properties and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in the manufacture of electronic components, such as integrated circuits,
Containers, resistors, etc. Beryllium oxide can improve the stability and reliability of electronic components, and has a high dielectric constant, which can improve the performance of electronic components.
3. Application in aerospace industry
Beryllium oxide has a high melting point and thermal conductivity, as well as good thermal shock resistance and hot corrosion resistance. Therefore, in the aerospace industry, oxidation is widely used in the manufacture of high-temperature structural materials and heat shielding materials, such as thermal protective tiles for space shuttles, turbine blades for engines, etc. These materials can maintain high strength and stability in high-temperature environments, ensuring the safe operation of aerospace equipment.
4. Application in nuclear industry
Beryllium oxide has important applications in the nuclear industry due to its high density and neutron reflection properties. Beryllium oxide is widely used in neutron reflecting layers and neutron absorbing materials in nuclear reactors. It can effectively increase the scattering and absorption of neutrons, improving the efficiency and safety of nuclear reactors.
5.Applications in the medical field
Beryllium oxide has good biocompatibility and antibacterial properties and is widely used in medical devices and medical ceramic materials. Beryllium oxide can be used to prepare artificial joints, implants and dental restorative materials with good biocompatibility and mechanical properties. At the same time, the oxide coating can also be used as an antibacterial agent, and medical ceramic materials with antibacterial properties can be prepared for surface coating of medical devices and disinfection of medical environments.

We produce and supply other Beryllium Copper Master Alloy

Beryllium Copper Master Alloy CuBe4.0Beryllium Copper Master Alloy CuBe4.0(Be: 3.8-4.3)

Beryllium Copper Ingot

Beryllium Copper Master Alloy CuBe10.0Beryllium Copper Master Alloy CuBe10.0(Be>9.8)

Beryllium Copper Ingot

C17200 beryllium copper alloyC17200 beryllium copper alloy

in sheet, coil, strip, rod

C17300 beryllium copper alloyC17300 beryllium copper alloy

in sheet, coil, strip, rod

C17510 beryllium copper alloyC17510 beryllium copper alloy

in sheet, coil, strip, rod

beryllium oxide powder 99% 99.9%

beryllium oxide powder 99% 99.9%

in powder

Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy AlBe3Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy AlBe3

Aluminum Beryllium Ingot

Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy AlBe5Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy AlBe5

Aluminum Beryllium Ingot


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