After the about 3 decades’ effort, DL Industry Group Limited is constructed by 11 major business departments.

l Led Light: This is the main business unit of DL Industry Group Limited. We have two factories in Shenzhen and Zhongshan and one service center.

l Electronics: smart watch and mobile phone factory in Shenzhen.

l Chemical: We built chemical factory, meanwhile establish good relationship with Chinese government own factory to assure the good quality of the cargo.

l Cloth & Shoes: Military shoes factory in Gaoyou, and joint venture safety shoes factory is located in Gaomi

l Refrigerant: the refrigerant gas stock warehouse and canning factory in Quzhou.

l Construction Materials: scaffolding factory is located in Jinghai, Steel wire factory is located in Anping.

l Plastic materials: Our oversea office in Korea and warehouse charge for export plastic granular to China, meanwhile our household plastic products factory produce kinds of plastic products.

l Scooter: Kids scooter and adult electronic scooter factories in Zhejiang.

l Paper: We import kinds of paper all over the words, meanwhile establish duplex board factory.

l Warehouse logistics: Our warehouse in Cheong Ju, Korea and Tianjin, China are providing the warehousing and storage Services.

l Finance: We provide the financial credit for our local old customers.


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