what is Compressed wood pallets

Compressed wood pallets, also known as densified wood pallets, are an innovative type of material handling pallet made from compressed wood fibers or sawdust.

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Here are some key things to know about compressed wood pallets:

Material - Compressed wood pallets are made by taking wood fibers, shavings or sawdust and compressing them into a dense solid material under heat and pressure. This fuses the particles together without using adhesives.
Density - The compression process makes compressed wood pallets much denser than regular solid wood. This increases their weight bearing capacity while maintaining moisture resistance.
Strength - Despite being comprised of wood fibers, compressed wood pallets can support loads equivalent to HDPE or plastic pallets. Their density gives exceptional compressive strength for stacking goods.
Sustainability - Since they use recycled wood waste that would otherwise go to a landfill, compressed wood pallets are very eco-friendly. It's a green alternative to new solid wood or plastic pallets.
Durability - When compressed wood absorbs moisture, it doesn't swell or warp like solid wood. It also has excellent resistance to impacts, splintering and damage from the elements.

Cost - While initially more expensive than wooden pallets, compressed wood has lower maintenance costs due to its strength and durability. It lasts through dozens of shipment cycles.

In summary, compressed wood pallets provide the load-bearing capacity of plastic with the sustainability of wood. Their extreme density and moisture resistance makes them a long-lasting material handling solution for warehouses and distribution centers. Let me know if you need any other details!


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