C17200 beryllium copper

Introduction of C17200 beryllium copper

C17200 beryllium copper is a copper-beryllium alloy that contains 2% beryllium by weight. Some key points about C17200 beryllium copper:

Composition: Copper 98%, Beryllium 2%
Other name: Alloy 25, CuBe2
China: QBe2, QBe1.9
America (US): C17200
Germany: QBe2, QBe1.7
Japan: C1720
Russia: BPB2, BPBHT1.9

C17200 beryllium copper is produced by Melting of Beryllium Copper Master Alloy ingot and  high-purity copper ingot.  The addition of beryllium to copper produces an alloy exhibiting greater strength, stiffness and wear resistance compared to ordinary copper. C17200 alloy also displays enhanced conductivity, dimensional stability and spring properties essential for various applications.

Shapes of C17200 Beryllium Copper Products

DL Industry Group produce the C17200 Beryllium Copper with different shape as per customers' requirement.
Inquiry C17200 beryllium copper rod/bar/strip/coil/wire/sheet/plate
C17200 Beryllium Copper C17200 beryllium copper rod/bar/strip/coil/wire/sheet/plate
C17200 beryllium copper can be supplied in the following commercial product forms to suit fabrication needs:
Bar/Rod: Rounds, flats available in sizes from 0.125” to 6” diameter. Used for springs, contacts.
Wire: Diameters from AWG 30 to 1/16” for small springs, woven components.
Sheet: Thicknesses from 0.010” to 0.250” for stampings, laser/waterjet parts.
Coil: Continuously rolled coils up to 1.5” width for drawing complex stampings.
Tube/Pipe: Hollow forms from 0.125” to 6” diameter for fluid transfer.
Foil: Ultra-thin <0.025mm sheets for multilayer PCBs, flex circuits.
Forging stock: Square/round billets, billets, slabs for redraw or forging.
Extrusions: Channels, angles, bars in customized shapes.
Powder: Spherical, atomized powders for MIM, thermal spray, 3D printing.

Mechanical Properties of C17200 Beryllium Copper Alloy

C17200 alloy exhibits properties unlike many other structural metals:
Strength: Tensile strength of 450-600MPa; Yield strength 350-500MPa; higher than normal copper.
Hardness: Rockwell B80-95; sufficient for spring applications yet easily machined.
Fatigue strength: Very resistant to bending/twisting load cycling without failure.
Elasticity: Modulus of elasticity is about twice that of brass for tight tolerances.
Conductivity: Thermal conductivity is higher than brass, copper; electrical is slightly lower than pure copper.
Corrosion resistance: Strong resistance to tarnish, stress-corrosion cracking in wet environments.
Dimensional stability: Maintains form and springback tolerance over time, temperature ranges.
These beneficial properties have made C17200 ideal for demanding service conditions across many industries. Its performance capabilities are explored further through its prevalent applications.

Applications of C17200 Beryllium Copper Alloy

Thanks to the alloy’s mechanical traits, C17200 finds extensive utilization in:
Electrical connectors - Used in PCB sockets, backplane connectors, terminal blocks, fuse clips.
Relays - C17200 is prominently used in contacts and springs inside relays needing high conductivity.
Precision instruments - Found in springs, contacts and structural parts of analytical/scientific tools.
Automotive electronics - Connectors, switches and terminals in vehicles benefit from C17200’s durability.
Industrial equipment - Components in control panels, switch gear, valve stems utilize robustness.
Medical devices - MRI machines, CT scanners, surgical instruments employ biocompatible C17200.
Aerospace components - Springs and connectors for aircraft, rockets, satellites use dependability.
Consumer electronics - Connectors, sockets, PCB supports in displays, computers use conductivity.
Heat exchangers - Tubing in HVAC, power plants transfers heat effectively through walls.

In summary

C17200 beryllium copper alloy stands out as a preeminent high-performance engineering material. Through an exact process, it can be fabricated into various commercial forms delivering optimal mechanical properties including strength, elasticity and corrosion resistance. These traits have made C17200 alloy indispensable in electrical, automotive, aerospace and other technology sectors worldwide. With its expanding applications, C17200 is positioned to remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.


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